How to NoFollow All Unnatural Links

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I just received an email from Google saying that this blog currently appears to be in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. And my Pagerank went down from 2 to 0. If you are experiencing this too, you don’t have to remove all your links. Just put an attribute rel=”nofollow” to your unnatural links only, links that are not related to your site and/or links that are not healthy for your site.

How to NoFollow All Unnatural Links

What are the unnatural links?

Unnatural links are links that you put on your website(because of the advertising/selling links purposes) that are not related to your niche.

E.G. If you’re blog’s niche is marketing and business and you’re linking a fashion blog to one of your posts then this fashion blog link is unnatural. You should put an attribute rel=”nofollow” on these links or remove them.

But you can’t do it manually especially if you have hundreds of unrelated posts. Good thing I found this plugin Nofollowr. This plugin will help you to put an attribute nofollow to your unnatural links automatically by just 1 click.

How to use NoFollowr Plugin?

  • Download the Nofollowr Plugin to your blog.
  • Install and Activate.
  • Once activated, go to your categories page.
  • Find the categories that are not related to your site and view their posts.
  • Now you can see the posts that are not related and that needs to be changed or removed.
  • Go to that specific post and you will see a green check icon beside your link, meaning that the link is currently “follow”.
  • To make it “nofollow”, just click the check icon and it will automatically change the link from follow to nofollow link. Just easy as that!
  • Nofollow links are indicated by a red/stop icon. You can also do it vice versa. To make nofollow links follow, just click the red icon and the attribute nofollow will automatically be removed.
  • Don’t worry, the icons are only visible to the admins of the blog.

How to NoFollow All Unnatural Links1

How to NoFollow All Unnatural Links2

After you have done changing these follow links, submit a reconsideration request to Google. I’m sure there won’t be any problem if you make these links nofollow because these advertised websites are also checking their backlinks and contacting every unrelated blog that links to their sites. So, it’s a win-win situation. Good luck changing those follow links to unfollow!

NOTE: You don’t just remove links or change links to nofollow but you must also add more high quality articles that are related to your niche. You have to maintain at least 7:3 or 8:2 ratio in order to have a balance and healthy site/blog.

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