How to Make a Blog

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I know some of you or a lot of you want to have a domain/website/blog where you can express your thoughts and feelings, share your artworks and photographs and earn money! Yes, you heard it right. Don’t you know that blog can give you thousands of money? To help you with your payments or bills or tuition fees? I, myself would love to thank my blogs for helping me to buy our everyday needs and paying monthly bills. If you’re not familiar with this then I’m going to teach you how. I’m not really professional in this field but somehow I manage to make blogs and earn money by myself and of course with the help of some online friends and other tutorials on the internet.

So what does blog mean? For me, blog is an online diary wherein you can share different ideas, everything! The only difference is, your diary can only be seen by you(of course it is private) BUT the online diary must be seen by everyone. Readers or what we call traffic/visitors are very important in every blog just like an audience in a show. If in your diary you can’t let anyone read it, in your blog you must let anyone read it. So, already familiar with blog? It’s time for us to create one!

1. First you need to have a domain name.

What is a domain name?
If I’m going to give you the exact meaning of it based on Wikipedia I bet you would never understand. So I’ll just give you an example of a domain name, e.g.,,, These are the domain names, a URL for your blog.

How can I have a domain name?
Buy one. Yes, Domain names are not free.
Registrars Namecheap.Com and Godaddy.Com are selling domain names in a very low price. You should buy one in order to have a domain name, however there are what we call sub-domains like and you can build blogs through them free of charge but not recommended. If you’re going to use your blog to earn money better use a domain name. If you can’t afford to buy one you can join online contests, some are giving away free domains. Who knows? Actually, I got my first ever domain from an online contest and from that domain I started earning online and receiving tasks. However, it didn’t last because I sold it to a friend.

2. You need to find a Web Host.

What is Web Hosting?
I can’t really explain the exact meaning of web hosting but in order for you to use your domain and make it a blog; you will need to have a web host, either buy it or get it free. You’re going to use a web host to install a blog engine to your site to make it a blog. Just like the domain, web hosting is not free. You will need to buy one hosting account or you can also get it free from contests or from a friend. Some kind-hearted bloggers offer web hosting for free but I recommend you to BUY a hosting account especially when you’re going to use your blog to earn money. Free Hosting is good for personal blogs.

These are the bloggers who sell web hosting and offer free plan at the same time:

Oh-Rainbow.Net – Paid Hosting
Candyhost.Info – Free Hosting

Wahmhosting.Com – Paid Hosting
Astighost.Info – Paid Hosting

Hostgator.Com(host of my blog) – Paid Hosting
Godaddy.Com – Paid Hosting
Namecheap.Com – Paid Hosting

*Try searching video tutorials on youtube for detailed instructions on How to buy a domain and a hosting account.

If you already have a domain and a web host, proceed to the next step >> How to install WordPress on Your Website Using your Cpanel.

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