How to Install WordPress on Your Website

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There are different ways to install wordpress on your websites. You can upload it manually through your FTP/File Manager or install it through your Cpanel using any software/tool like Fantastico or Softaculous(which we’re going to use for this tutorial).

This tutorial post will teach you How to Install WordPress on Your Website Using Softaculous through your Cpanel.

1. First, Log in to your Cpanel.

2. Find Software/Services Section and choose Softaculous under it.

3. Click the dropdown arrow from the “Blogs” Menu to show it’s sub-menus then click ‘WordPress’.

4. It will bring you to it’s Overview Page so hit ‘Install’ Tab.

5. Choose your desired Protocol. If you want your URL to have ‘www’ prefix then choose the protocol “http://www”. Do not choose “https://” unless your site has SSL.

6. Make sure to choose the right domain name where you want to install wordpress on, this can be a problem if you have lots of addon domains.

>If you want your blog to be displayed on the front page of your website e.g. then you need to remove ‘wp’ and leave the directory blank. On the other hand, type in the word ‘blog’ if you want your blog to be displayed on a sub-domain or sub-page e.g.

7. Change the Site Settings and once you’re done click Install.

8. Congratulations, the software was installed successfully! You can now login to your WP Admin to customize your blog.

Hope that helps, any questions? Feel free to ask.
Thanks for reading!

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