How to have faster Internet Connection

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Sometimes it’s our DNS/Name servers are the ones that have problem that’s why we have slow connection and you will need to change your name servers to another one. You can try OpenDns.Com; however, this name servers aren’t working sometimes. You can try Google’s Public Name Servers as well but due to a lot of people already using it, their name servers sometimes fail or slow. Lack of name servers to use? Try Namebench! This is what I usually use whenever I feel a slow connection. This tool is from Google, it will give you or recommend you the best name servers that suits your computer/internet connection. Sounds fascinating? So try it! Here’s the steps on how to use this tool.

First, Download the exe file here.

After downloading, open and run the software.

Click Extract.

After extracting, a small window/box will pop up. Click “Start Benchmark”.

Then it will now find other name servers around the internet that are best for your computer. Just wait for it to finish then it will give you an html result which displays the recommended name servers.

Now it’s time for you to change your name servers and see the difference! 🙂

NOTE: If this won’t work then your internet service provider has a problem for that moment e.g. sudden down of servers.

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!

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