How to Get your Concentration Back?

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Exams for tomorrow, tasks to be done, reminders etc. Can’t focus? Forgot something? Lose your focus? Why and How to overcome with it? Stress can be the number one cause of losing your concentration. The more you are stress or thinking of something the more you will lose your focus and forget everything behind it. It’s common but we all know that stress is the major enemy of every human so in order for us to get our concentration back we need to:

1. Reduce Stress – first thing.
2. Eat balanced foods – eating big meals before studying will leave you to a rest mode. Have you noticed every after our meal we feel sleepy or tired and wants to go to sleep immediately? That’s the reason why you shouldn’t eat big meals but don’t starve yourself either.
3. Choose a time when your brain is very active. Is it in the morning or late evening?
4. Drink lots of water – enough said.
5. Stay in a comfortable place – make yourself comfortable but not too comfortable. This can also distract your emotions, it’s comfort may steal your concentration and you may want to just take a rest instead of focusing.
6. Clean your desk and remove the unwanted objects/things – distractions.
7. Take a break or a nap every hour – this may help in refreshing our minds.
8. Stay at one place when studying or working.

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