How To Delete Pending Friend Requests On Facebook 2011

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Are you sending friend request to random people to be your facebook friend? Then suddenly or should I say “accidentally” you added a wrong person’s account or your enemy’s account and obviously you want to cancel it?

Remember Facebook had it’s new version this year so the old steps that you know isn’t and will not work anymore. As it also changes the friends section.

So here’s how you can cancel that wrong friend request:

  • Go to that “wrong person’s account” or just type his/her name in the search box.
  • Scroll down and find “Cancel Friend Request” at the left bottom corner. (refer to the photo below)
  • Done! Congratulations. You have cancelled the unwanted friend request. 😀

8 thoughts on “How To Delete Pending Friend Requests On Facebook 2011

  1. This answer sucks. Think. If you accidentally click to add someone as a friend, then you cannot find their profile, because you have no idea who that person is. FB should have a place on your own profile where you can see my pending requests that I made. Now I tried to friend some little girl, when all I was doing was trying to click the mutual friend button.

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