How To Choose A Career: Passion Or Practicality?

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Finding Your Passion and Deciding If You Want to Pursue It

How To Choose A Career: Passion Or Practicality?

As modern women, we don’t have to be told that we can do anything we want, be more aggressive about following our dreams, and pursuing careers that we’d run like a drag race with all the bumps, crashes, hijacks and of course, finish lines at every task. Feminism seeks equality with men while we and the new generation of working girls. We love being feminine, but being equal with the opposite sex isn’t something we would invest our energies on. In the fashion industry where women are goddesses, it girls, and glam girls, equality is not much of an issue. We love men and the men love us.

We can do more than them but they can also do a lot for us. That’s why I believe that the power of a woman lies not in standing on the same pedestal with a man but more like dancing around where they both stand. When you are confident enough to know you’re beautiful and wise enough to use your knowledge, oh the places you’ll go. You’ll go far, darling. First, however, we need to know what you’re doing. Are you pursuing the job you love, or going after the fastest way to earn?

Passion itself is a motivation. If you don’t love it, why do it? Yet it can be a bit challenging when you don’t have enough support to follow your dreams. It’s also hard when the flame isn’t burning like you’re not so crazy about your passion anymore. Maybe you want something else, or just too stressed. Or maybe there’s just no fire in you at all.

Are you in love doing something that takes up much of your time? What do you really care about? What if passion doesn’t pay the bills? Is your passion really worth it?

Reality hits a bull’s eye.
Sometimes, we can’t afford to do our passions. At other times, we take a different route away from our passions and sometimes, it works. In the end, some do what their parents think is best for them, some do jobs where they earn as fast as Ferrarris, some do drugs, and others do their boyfriends.


What is passion, actually? You discover yours when you know what the word really means. Here’s how to find your passion when you don’t know what it is, or when you don’t have one:

  • Your passion is what you love to do
  • Your passion might just be what you’re really really good at.
  • Your passion is the work, cause, or field of art that you make love to.
  • Your passion isn’t always about winning, recognition and material success.
  • Your passion shows in the books and movies you like.
  • Your passion never loses its worth even if you didn’t get recognized for a job well done.
  • Your passion is aligned to your values.
  • Your passion can make a difference in the world.
  • Your passion keeps you going even if you’ve already failed big time at it.
  • Your passion is your dream.
  • Passion keeps you alive, kicking, and upbeat.
  • Passion dies when you stop.
  • Passion is nothing when you don’t spend time on it.
  • Passion alters like a stage of life.


  • Do find ways to earn from your passion.
  • Do discover more things to do with it.
  • Do find out what you want to be. Rich? Famous? Controversial? Aristocratic? Heroic?
  • Do get out of bed as soon as possible. Idleness kills inspiration.
  • Do avoid getting bored. Boredom might outweigh passion.
  • Do find time for your passion. if you can’t, then it’s not something you care enough about to be a career.
  • Don’t let passion hinder you from reaching your goals. But sometimes, goals lose meaning when you want something else.
  • Don’t let poverty live in your mind. Success isn’t always about money. Money isn’t everything.
  • Don’t let failure stop you from believing in yourself. It’s nothing but a challenge when you drop on the floor. Pick yourself up.
  • Don’t let judgements by others affect you. They don’t know shit.
  • Don’t be afraid of your passion. You own it.
  • Don’t let your laziness deceive you into thinking you’re bored, lost, or uninspired.
  • Don’t let anger swallow you into the depths of rebellion. Nothing good ever comes out of harboring grudges.
  • Don’t let men, love, sex, romance, and partying distract you from work. Choose paycheck over booze.
  • Don’t let passion make you take your loved ones for granted. Spend time with them even always.
  • Don’t think yourself into thinking you can’t do it. Self-pity is crap. Each person has his or her own abilities. Be confident that you are an amazing person.

In the end, it’s up to you. What do you really care about? If you can’t do your passion now, find ways to do it later, but don’t be too late.

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