Happy Valentines Day! (2012)

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Happy Valentines Day! Oh no, it’s not valentines yet. I’m so excited not because I have a date(I don’t have a date. =D) but because I think this will be the last valentines day that we’re going to have(2012!!). Nah, just kidding! 😀 If this is really the last v-day then pity me, coz I’ll never have the chance to have a fancy date with Mr. Right anymore. 🙁 I blame you Mr Right! Why you’re so late? I’ve been waiting here for 100 years! Are you still alive? Haha!

Srsly, I’m tired of this thing. I’ll just wait and trust the Lord. I know He’s planning the best love story of my life and I’ll just have to wait for it. If you’re going to ask me, I want to experience a lovely-valentine-date with my mr. right – with flowers, chocolates, heart-shaped balloons and take note I want this to be a surprise date for me. Are there still guys who’ll do this for their girlfriends or wives?

How about you? How are you gonna spend your valentine’s day for this 2012? and How do you want it to happen?(just in case it would come true)

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day! (2012)

  1. Wala din akong date today hehe pero okay lang happy pa din kasi I have friends na binati ako ng happy valentines. 🙂

    Happy Valentines Day! Makakahanap din tayo ng right man for us :))

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