Google's 13th Birthday – Doodle

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Google is celebrating its 13 years of success! We all know that Google is the most famous website according to Alexa and the best search engine above all. It also has a lot of apps and features that are very useful to us viewers and bloggers.

This year, Google was successful for the launched of Google+ which a lot of people from different social media sites transferred their profiles, information and trusts to Google.

Google has been through our lives for 13 years and it really helped us technically. When we have some questions in our life, questions from school, answering our assignments, researching important things, reminders for the events and contests and a lot more! It has been a dictionary, encyclopedia, doctor, parent and a friend to us.

Today, as a celebration of their 13 years in business Google Doodle features an image of Google with a birthday cake on it. How cute is that? Google Doodle never fails us to be amazed in every illustrations that they do.

To Google, please continue to serve and help people. You are really our inspiration! Happy 13th Birthday Google!

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