Google is my Best Friend

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Technology or should I say Internet is not unusual nowadays, most of the people know about it. To some, it’s their life. They can’t live without it, they can’t survive without using internet in 1 day. Why? Maybe because they found a new best friend, like a person you can talk to, ask all questions you have in mind and get answers, right answers most of the time. But you can’t touch and see it, you just read what it say or if you get lucky you can hear it.

What exactly am I talking about? Yes, my friend. GOOGLE! But do you remember the first time you use Google? I heard Google from my friends, They told me that if I ask a question in there, Google will answer. So I went to this magical that everyone claims to be a genius. But after I hit “Search”, a list of information popped up and I didn’t know what to do, what to click. To be honest, I didn’t actually remember what I first searched for. But now I can say, that if I want to look for my crush on my 1st grade, I know where to find him. If I want to ask a doctor a question but want to be anonymous I can do it with Google.

And sometimes, you can find people who have the same interests and currently facing the same problems like you do. And you can be friends with them even if they are on the other side of the world.
So even if you are to stay in your house 24/7, you can’t say that you have done nothing. Because just by searching on Google, you are virtual travelling to different places. Thanks to Google images, now you can see what Paris in France looks like or see what your favorite celebrity looks like without makeup. Most especially, Google helps us answer dumb questions before asking them to real people. Making us less dumb, btw.

There are tons of things you can do with Google. I thank the creators/developers for helping us make our life a little bit easier. Working online at home makes Google a part of my life. Are you too? Do you remember the first time you use Google?

Here are some meme/images for laughs:

google is my best friend

google is my best friend1

google is my best friend2

google is my best friend3

google is my best friend4

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