Getting to know MyLife

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Remember what I wrote about Mylife from my previous post last August?

Through Mylife and any other social networks, they will give you social media friends weather it is an online or an offline friend, it doesn’t matter as long as it is countable as a friend. If you’re not friendly and a very private person, you are not welcome to these kind of site. Because these sites will get your public information to find and search a person that is your friend, was your friend and can be your friend. Basically, it’s all about friendship!

MyLife can be like on of the social media sites nowadays but I believe there’s something special from it than other sites have that’s why more people are getting hooked to it. You can find most of the people you have met in your whole life and also get a chance to see the people who search and find you.

A little background from Mylife, it is formerly the site founded by Jeffrey Tinsley on 2002. Therefore, users have been created or held a reunion through this site already by looking for their high school mates. You can always go to their site and look for these people. 🙂 I believe there’s an option there wherein you will have to pay to receive the full features of it, but don’t worry there’s always a Refund.

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