Gesture-Controlled Technology: The Future Medium

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Gesture-Controlled Technology: The Future Medium

Minority Report, a movie about steadfast super cop looking to prevent crime, played host to the earliest rendition of gesture technology. At the super cop’s disposal is a super computer controlled entirely by motion gestures. He zooms in by pinching his finger. Swipes his hand to see new images. He even rotates evidence by performing a circular motion with his hands. What seemed like science fiction a few years ago has become reality today. Gesture-controlled commands are on the horizon.

Microsoft Kinect and Beyond

Released in 2010, the Kinect was just a simple peripheral device for the Xbox 360 that detects body motion. Inspired by the Wii’s motion sensor, the Kinect managed to perfect the technology to include full-body motion on all three axis. Now it seems the technology built into the Kinect has inspired other companies to take gesture-activated commands and include them into computers, televisions and even smart phones. The gesture control of the Kinect is so intuitive, it does not require a computer class to learn to use. Rather, gesture control is easy for infants and grandparents to use alike.

Like a scene out of Minority Report, television viewers will soon have to forget about finding the lost television remote, one of the most misplaced household items. Samsung, the makers of the popular LG TVs, showed off its gesture technology at CES 2012 wowing consumers who looked to grab a peek at the new technology.Just so you know, Kinetic maintains its microsoft certifications alongside its other professional certifications.

Users could wake up the television set by saying, “Hi TV,” control menus, play games and even increase the volume using simple voice and gesture commands. While the technology may be a long ways away from actually swiping through channels or photos like in Minority Report, computer engineers have gotten close.

It seems that major technology companies like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are jumping on board the gesture-controlled bandwagon and cashing-in. Gesture commands may soon replace physical keyboards, mice and remote controls making for one less peripheral needed to operate our most needed devices.

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