Fall Fashion: The Shearling Gilet

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Are you ready to turn heads this fall? The Shearling Gilet, also known as the Toscana Gilet or Sheepskin Gilet, will help you do that and more with its fashionable look, as well as its warm fabric and versatile design. The Shearling Gilet is a high-quality vest that is a definite wardrobe essential as it compliments a number of styles and is easy to dress up or down. This reversible piece is a favorite among fashionistas because the possibilities are endless with this Shearling Gilet in your closet.

The Fur Side
One of the most-liked features of the Shearling Gilet is the warm fur side. Because this gilet is versatile, the fur side can be worn inside as an extra layer to keep warm, or on the outside for a fashionable statement. The fur lining is great for dressing up your outfit and pairs well with a variety of looks. When mixed and matched with jeans, heels, or slacks, it creates a look of sophistication that can be worn anywhere from the workplace to a night out at dinner. The fur is designed in a way that is not excessive but adds to the outfit in a way that makes every piece flow nicely. Additionally, the tie closures give this gilet a clean, finished look.

The Sheepskin Side
If your style is more casual, the sheepskin gilet would be a great fit for you. While there is some fur on this side, most of the gilet is smooth when worn this way. Give your casual outfits a touch of flair with this side that goes great with jeans, boots, or just about any other casual item in your closet. It’s available in a variety of colors, giving you the option to style different gilets any way you’d like.

The warmth of the gilets is unmatched and that’s due to the type of material that’s used to make them. The Shearling Gilet is crafted with the finest of wool fur for the lining, which is known for keeping warm in cooler months. The sheepskin is also a great insulating fabric that keeps you warm as it keeps you stylish. The high-quality of this design makes the Shearling Gilet long-lasting and a great investment.

As you look in fashion magazines and on runways this fall, gilets will make their appearance. They are a classic that will stand the test of time, and work for many styles and people of various ages. Proper storage of the Shearling Gilet will ensure that it stays in great condition and continues to look new season after season. Additionally, gentle cleaning with a damp cloth, will maintain the fabric and its appearance.

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