Fake Paypal Emails – Phishing Attack

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I was shocked to see that Paypal had an email for me but it was came from the SPAM Emails.

So I hurriedly opened it and I saw this message. At first I really thought that it was came from Paypal and it said that it may close my Paypal Account but then I check the email used by the sender and I found out that it was a SCAM/FAKE or whatever you call it.

Email Address used wasn’t from Paypal Staff

Don’t you ever try to click that Link!

Please don’t be fool by those FAKE emails because it may steal or take your Paypal Money without you knowing it. Beware of hackers and scammers. Secure your Paypal Account.

6 thoughts on “Fake Paypal Emails – Phishing Attack

  1. Yikes!! Buti nacheck mo email sis, ako din mga two times na may nageemail sakin niyan, kakatakot pa naman pag Paypal na usapan no? Wew. Thanks for sharing for others!! 🙂

  2. same tau sis. naganyan din ako eh.. niblog ko pa nga:


    masmalapit p tlga ung aken.. Paypalc.com ang nagsend. kung di ako vigilant. baka wala na akong paypal.

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