Fake PageRank vs Valid PageRank

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Have you heard about Fake Pagerank? what is this all about? It’s when a new website or a website that has no page rank redirected to a website that has page rank that’s the time fake pagerank takes place.

When Google checks new websites for evaluating their page ranks and you chose to redirect it to your other blog that has page rank, Google will also be redirected to your website that has page rank so Google will end up giving your new website the same page rank you had with your other website – where the new website is being redirected.

I hope you got my point there. I had a hard time explaining the situation 😀

So for you to determine if the page rank is fake or valid check your sites by using this tool/website >> checkpagerank.net

1. Enter your site URL and the captcha code. Check ‘show link popularity’.

2. And the result is…

Check your sites now! And a piece of advice, before buying any used domain that has a page rank already make sure to check the domain first if the PR is valid or not. So money won’t be wasted. 😉

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