Facebook Multiple Accounts Warning – Bug or Not?

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Facebook Multiple Accounts Warning – Bug or Not?

Have you received this warning from having multiple accounts on Facebook? And it’s telling you to delete your account?

A lot of users are complaining about this because their family members also have their Facebook accounts and they’re using the same computer/IP. I guess that’s why Facebook detected that the computer owner have multiple accounts which is not right. Is there a rule from Facebook that it has to be 1 person/account per 1 IP only? I guess and I hope none. Facebook please fix this! 🙁

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Multiple Accounts Warning – Bug or Not?

  1. oh it's for real and it's stupid – I support the hotspot for my neighborhood – we have 8 homes on our 1 isp and if it wasn't for being able to do that then I nor my 7 neighbors could afford internet – we share the bill and I know for a fact that they have teens with FB accounts and if I were to guess in total there are 10+ FB accounts coming thru this router – WTG FB!

  2. Aww may ganyang issue pala sa Facebook? Grabe naman dapat hindi IP address ang basehan nila. Pano yung mga sa computer shops lang nag iinternet diba?

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