Dreams can be useful too

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I had a dream last night. There’s a lot of them, different scenarios and stories. Every time I woke up then sleep again I came up with another story but there’s only one that caught my attention. In my dream, I found out that I have a cancer. I almost cried to death, I really thought it was real. I told myself that if I only had a chance to go back in time, I will do every thing just to make sure I’m healthy. I thought it was too late but THANK GOD! It was just a dream. :p or should I say it wasn’t just a dream. For me, it is a message from God that I should take note of my health first.

I admit it, I wasn’t being aware about my health these past few months and I almost forgot to take care of myself so I really Thank God for giving me this chance. I promise I won’t lose it.

Some Facts about Dreams:

  • When you are snoring, you aren’t dreaming.
  • We almost forget 90% of our dreams within 5 minutes of waking.
  • We all know the people in our dreams. We have already seen these people during our lives, maybe we saw them last year, last two years or when we’re young, we just don’t remember.
  • Our mind is not inventing faces that we see in our dreams. They are real that we saw in action, e.g. zombies – which we can see in some movies.
  • Some people’s dreams are in black and white version.
  • Dreams are not meant to be literal. Sometimes, they can be a sign or a message from someone. You just need to understand every detail.
  • We are paralyzed while we sleep.

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6 thoughts on “Dreams can be useful too

  1. Aww, oo nga sis, health first muna. Ako super anemic na ata ako. :S need ko na talaga uminom ng Ferrous Sulfate 🙁 Ata pa talaga lol. One time kasi biglaang bangon ako nanghina ako ng sobra, tapos namutla haha.
    Anyways, cool naman, alam pala natin kung sino sino sila? Di lang natin matandaan.
    Basta ang alam ko, kapag may iniisip tayo o kaya yung huling pinagusapan at tumatakbo sa isip natin. Yun mostly ang napapanaginipan. Ganun kasi ako lagi. 😀

  2. May gnyan din aong panaginig eh pag gising ko miiyak nalang ako bigla parang totoo as in. Buti dimo napanaginipan ang mga lamok na kasing laki ko? 🙂 ehehehe

  3. This is interesting ha. I like this post. But I'm a weird dreamer kase sa akin I would dream in full color I swear! Kaya when I wake up I have colored pencils and crayons beside my bed kase I immediately draw them bago ko pa malimutan hehehe

  4. i seldom dream and the last dream i had, there was a snake. i don't know why. i'm scared of snakes and to think I was born in the year of the snake.. yeah, dreams sometimes stand as sign to a particular thing. good thing it was just a dream. and even though you haven't dream of that, you take of your health.

    about your comment in my post in http://fabulari.info, I'm a catholic. sa simula lang yan sis.. syempre bago. but don't feel na hindi ka welcome or what.. 🙂 masaya lang sa feeling ng nakakatulong. ^^ been doing such for 5 years already.. and still counting. 😉 btw, can you help me sis? pls. read http://slapstickblog.net/post/3704445176

    Thanks! ^^

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