Dream Interpretation: Losing Teeth

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What’s the meaning of losing your teeth in your dreams? You’re gonna die? Something bad gonna happen to you? or to your loved one? I don’t think so, I’ve dreamed of this a hundred times already but hey I’m still alive! God only knows when or where will he take me so losing my teeth in my dreams is not a sign.

But I searched on google the possible(I can’t say true. Gaah I wish we can talk to Joseph the dreamer to interpret our dreams) meaning for this and I found out that losing your teeth means anxiety or insecurity. Now I know why this has been my favorite dream of all time. I usually feel these emotions and I just can’t help it. I’m just a girl okay? I can also feel the hurt, I’m not numb.

I’m usually worrying about things in the future, the way people will think about me, talk about me, the way people see me. Am I gonna be like this and that. I’ve been worrying a lot that’s why I’m having this kind of dream.

You might also have this dream if you are:
1. Afraid to get old
2. Physical Appearance
3. Anxiety or scared of something
4. Worrying a lot
5. Insecurity

Are you having the same dream as mine? The only solution for this is God. He can help us in our problems, he does for me. He’s always helping me a lot, it’s my fault to worry. I shouldn’t have to worry. But you know, it’s a working process, I know someday I’ll just gonna forget “worry” and remember “trust”. If you trust Him, there’s nothing to be worry about.

So if by chance you’re going to have a dream like this, just pray for guidance and self-confidence. God Bless you! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Dream Interpretation: Losing Teeth

  1. Ako never pa ko nagkaroon ng ganitong dream. Iba iba dream ko eh hindi sila nauulit. XD
    Tama ka sis babae lang tayo di naman nwawala satin maiinggit. Wag lng tayo magmamaldita talaga. Basta cool lang tayo keep na lang natin yang inggit na yan. Hehehe makakamit din natin balang araw yung mga bagay na nakikita natin sa kanila.
    Be a good girl and God will make everything okay! Keep safe sis ILY and IMY!! hehe

  2. I've grown up with the belief that losing a tooth in my dreams means "death" of a relative or immediate family member. *knocks on wood* But I just don't entertain the thought and that's it. 🙂

  3. I was a worrier when I was younger! Maybe, that's why I also had similar dreams as yours. However, as I grow older I learn to ignore some little things aside that made me worry. with that, I have better and a sound sleep

  4. so true the only solution is god.
    I think most filipino know about the whole teeth falling off dream , I get worried whenever I hear someone having a dream about their teeth falling off. =.=

  5. hmm i can't remember a dream wherein i lost a teeth.. is that weird? i know its a common dream for people usually i dream about people i don't know when i wake up i don't remember their face hahah. its frustrating really..

  6. I've never dreamed about losing my teeth before but I have heard about how it means you're gonna lose someone close to you. Dreams and their meaning really fascinate me. I often dream about people ive never met people. So weird! 😀

  7. I have dreamed of loosing my tooth way back college days and I must admit I did what our elders say…I bit the nearest wooden table, haha!

    Have a Blessed Ash Wednesday 🙂

  8. Nakakatakot yung dream na ganyan sis dahil nga sa sinasabi na masama daw ibig sabihin nyan.
    I agree, pag mga ganyang di maganda dreams, pray lang kay God. Yun lang talaga makakatulong.

  9. Each dream is a mixture of our biological instincts, our cultural assumptions and our own personal experience. As we dream, our brains create stories from these ingredients, sometimes to "replay" recent events, and at times voice concerns that our waking minds are not yet ready to face.

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