Distribution Software

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When using distribution software, you can track shipments, seeing where they are in real time or at least which shipping hubs they have passed most recently. This information can really help you in numerous ways, giving you the ability to coordinate the efforts of every part of your team. The more knowledge that you have, the better off you will be. You can ensure that no one is wasting time and that everyone is ready for their part of the distribution chain.

The tracking data can also help you talk to your customers and clients about when their products and shipments are going to arrive. Rather than telling them that it will be something like seven to ten days, which is a very generic answer, you can tell them that it will be exactly three days. People love to get specific dates like that, even if the dates are on the high end, because they can plan around the shipments. This makes them happen because they will not always feel like things take forever to arrive – a feeling that they can get even when items are being shipped quickly if they do not know what to expect.

As you can see, the tracking details make a lot of difference, both in the way that your company works and in the way that you interact with all of your clients. The more precise information that you can provide during every step of the process, the most positive results you will see.

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