Digitizing your Old Photos

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Digital camera nowadays is a very common gadget that everyone have and with the prices of memory cards getting cheaper with various discounts and coupon codes being offered, we can somewhat say that sky is the limit now when it comes to taking pictures.

But before the birth of the digital age, film rules the photography industry. I am sure I will see a lot of hands raised if I will ask who still keep boxes of old albums and family photos, negatives and 35mm slides inside their cabinet.

But since film and printed material can degrade in time when exposed to harsh elements like heat and dust, it is wise to convert these pictures to digital to preserve and protect them from any damage or loss.

Thanks to modern technology, we can easily digitize these pictures and films and even restore it to its original luster with the help of flatbed and film scanner. There are a lot of scanners available in the market now and you can choose among many brands like HP, Canon, Epson and more. Remember that when choosing a scanner, the higher the dots per inch (dpi) of the scanner, the more detailed and close to the quality of the original, the scanned pictures will be.

Once you have a scanner, you can start scanning your pictures. Most scanners come with a dedicated slide and film scanner where you can insert each film and slide and scan multiple slides at once.

When you purchase a scanner, it will also include software for editing and correcting the pictures such as adjusting the brightness and contrast, for cropping the image, and rotation and other simple function that normally works if the original media being scanned is of good quality.

After scanning, each picture, film and slide, it can be save in many formats such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF. Always remember to work in an organize manner so you will have a system in filing your old photos. You can create subfolders and organize each photo by date, by year, by event so it will be easy for you to search through your old photos.

Once you have the digital file of your old photographs, you can do a lot with it:

  • You can enhance those digital pictures by using more advanced software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photo Elements and other picture editing software that will allow you to do advance editing for your pictures. These software can also be use to restore the original quality of the picture by editing and cleaning damages such as water and fold marks and rips.
  • You can even convert these pictures into a digital scrapbook. There are a lot of digital scrapbook sites in the Internet, which offers promo codes and vouchers so you can purchase their kits and templates for free. Using software-editing tools like Adobe Photo shop, you can use these templates and kits to create amazing layouts of your digital pictures.
  • You can even share these pictures by uploading it in Facebook and other image hosting sites like Flickr, Webshots, Multiply and more.

Remember to make a backup of your pictures by burning it to DVDs or copying it to an external Hard Disk so you have a backup in case anything happens to the Hard Disk of your PC. Otherwise, if you are working without backup, it is just like letting your analog photos rot inside your cabinets.

With the help of simple gadgets like scanners and picture editing tools, we can start saving our old photos and convert it to digital format, which are guaranteed to last longer. Memories are one of the most important treasures that each of us keeps and the pictures keep those memories alive. And while it can be a tedious task to convert all our pictures to digital, you will surely say in the end that it is all worth it as this will protect and preserve those special memories captured in pictures.

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