Different Types of Alcohol Permits

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It is no secret that you cannot serve or sell alcohol in your establishment without a TABC license. Failure to obtain the license could result in paying a fine or losing your business. Obtaining the right alcohol license for your business is a great way to attract more customers or create special events.

The alcohol permit you obtain depends on your business. Here are several types of alcohol permits in the state of Texas.

BE Retail Dealer’s On Premise License: You are permitted to sell beer to be consumed on or off the property. The beer must be sold in a legal container, and your customers cannot resell the beer to others.

BF Retail Dealer’s Off Premise License: This permit allows you to sell beer in a legal container to be consumed off the property, and it cannot be opened on or near your business.

PS Package Store Tasting Permit: If you own a store that carries alcoholic beverages, your customers may taste products such as beer, wine or malt-based coolers inside the establishment.

RM Mixed Beverage in Restaurant Permit with Food and Beverage Certificate: You need this permit to serve alcoholic beverages in your restaurant. This includes beer, wine and ale, and the beverages must be consumed inside the establishment.

Y Wine and Beer Retailer’s Permit for Railroad Dining, Buffet or Club Cars: Use this permit to sell beer and wine to be consumed on certain train cars. The beverages may include up to 14 percent or 17 percent alcohol, but the amount of alcohol depends on the local laws.

You can work with an alcohol licensing company to figure out which permit is right for your business. The staff works through the rules and regulations to obtain your permit within 60 days, but it is best to contact the company at least 120 days before your grand opening. This gives the company time to work around any obstacles that may come up.

If you are looking to obtain an alcohol license for your business, you can contact a license company such as Texas Alcohol Consulting.

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