Different Types of Advertising

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One thing to consider when starting a business is the advertising or marketing. You can’t have buyers and visitors to your website if you don’t know what these things are. Advertising your website or your business will help you gather more potential buyers to your online shops or physical stores.

There are different types of advertising and they are different ways to advertise.

1. Online Advertisements
2. Banner Ads Advertisements
3. TV Commercials
4. Radioactive Media
5. Personal Advertisements

Online Advertisements – This can be done by placing ads on the most popular sites on the internet, e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Banner Ads Advertisements – These are what you see on the streets, beside the malls, at side of the high ways. These are large banners to attract people.

TV Commercials – This method will require a higher budget so you can place your ads on the popular channels in your country.

Radioactive Media – You think this is not possible but it is. You can now make advertisements via radio. This is what we call radioactive media advertisements wherein you can pay for the radio station to let them talk about your business or products on air.

Personal Advertisements – This method requires a person or group of people that will giveaway flyers to let people know about the new store at the corner or if even you have some coupons to giveaway. This can be the useful method.

There are still other ways to do it. Whatever it takes just to make you business have lots and lots of buyers. Go try one now and see how your business grows!

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