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Language is a communication of thoughts and feelings that can be words, voice, gestures, etc. It is a tool that people use when talking or having a conversation within the community or country as long as they have the same language. Language can be different per country or continent; there are English which is the common and most used language of all country, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, German and a lot more depending on their country. But we usually use English as an official language of all times in all country.

Since there are different languages, if all of the people will be gathered together in an event or place they will never understand each other. That is when translation is needed; it is the process of translating one language to another. It is important so people can understand what other people say to be able to create a conversation.

Translation is also needed when competing in a beauty contest like in the question and answer portion. Contestants from different countries usually need a translator for them to translate the question and their answers. This is when certified translations are needed. You will need an expert translator for this; you can even found them online. There are different types or services for translation; there are for legal translation where in translator is needed in the court to translate for the people involved in the trial. There is also Telephone Interpreting Service where they can interpret what the two lines are saying and can also type it down.

Interpretation or Translation is very important and needs to be handled by an expert. Because every word represent another meaning and if it given out incorrectly then it can lead to a serious problem especially when you’re in court so you better seek for an expert one.

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  1. I'm a certified translator (and a language teacher) and I can tell you that the translation is among the most rewarding things about my profession. It's like you are writing a book all over again, reading it on a higher level.

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