Celebrities' Different Outfits

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If you are fond of checking out celebrities’ photos you will often see them wearing simple outfits or some casual wear whenever their out from work which are spotted by photographers and fans. Sometimes when they have family time, they even go out for a picnic or swimming and you will see them wearing shirt and pants with no make-up at all. Fashionable T-Shirts or Comfortable Hoodies are way to good for them.

However, narrow-minded people always give those photos bad meanings like “Celebrities with no make up” or “Celebrities who are unfashionable”. I just find it a bit unfair for the celebrities because they are also like us ordinary people, the difference is they’re famous.

But some celebrities are taking fashion seriously like every time they go outside they are conscious of what they look. They believe on their saying that, “Paparazzi’s are everywhere”.

Rocking hats, big shirts and bling-bling can be seen on many male singers, rappers and even dancers. I have found some on Streetwear Shop Outlet. Casual wear for men are like that, they will wear whatever they feel would make them look good and rock or hip.

On the other hand, some celebrities are so classy and elegant. They love dresses, they love formal outfits just like Rachel Bilson who was spotted wearing a Vero Moda Skirt, Dakota Blue Ricards wearing a Vero Moda Shorts and Nina Dobrev wearing a top by Vero Moda. See how celebrities love Vero Moda? They do!

Male celebrities also love being formal, they always wearing a Business Shirts. Believe me, most of them love to wear those kind of Shirts especially when they are attending events, meeting and awards night. Can’t blame them, they really look like a mature guy or a very responsible man whenever they’re wearing Business like Shirts.

Fashion is part of our lives so you can’t stop people buying clothes and stuff but no matter how good your dress is, it’s the aura and sex appeal that matters most.

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