Freddie Mercury on stage with Queen via Hologram

Because of the successful Tupac’s Hologram at Coachella last April, they thought of having the dead legends to return on stage by using hologram and Freddie Mercury of Queen is next.

I am so excited to see him performing live again(Yes, I’m a Fan.) but ofcourse it is not the real him, it’ll be just an optical illusion of his different performances piling up together creating a one full performances. Queen members said that they’ll gonna sing “We will Rock you” for the 10th anniversary of the West End musical.

They will be featuring other dead musicians too like Michael Jackson, Selena, Aaliyah, The Beatles and a lot more(Check the Poster). If you like to see how this hologram works, watch the hologram performance of Tupac on their last show.

Great isn’t it? You get to watch your favorite singer even if they’re not here in this world anymore but by using this hologram you will feel that they still here and real. That’s so good to see.

Hologram is a three-dimensional representation of a thing or a person. You may see it real but you can’t touch it because it’s only a reflection or light.

What are your thoughts? 🙂

Google Doodle pays tribute to Freddie Mercury

Google Doodle pays tribute to Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the great band Queen. With their songs Bohemian Rhapsody(which is one of my favorite songs), Love of my Life, I want to break free and We are the Champions made them one of the famous bands in 80’s. For me, it’s not just about their songs. It’s what Freddie Mercury contributed to his fans, the way he sings, the way he performs on stage and the way who he is. I can say that I’m a big fan of him even if I didn’t met him in person and if I didn’t met him when he was still alive God knows how I love him as a singer, a man and a person. I don’t know exactly what made me love him, I just know deep in my heart that he’s a good person. I don’t care if he’s a gay or bisexual but the way he loves a girl, Mary Austin touched my heart. I admire their love and relationship even if it only lasted for 6 years until his death, Mary Austin was still there beside him. He died because of pneumonia brought on by AIDS, 24 hours before he announced that he was HIV+ and had AIDS.

He is such a great artist because even he was suffering and fighting from the terrible disease, he still managed to filmed the music video of the song “These Are the Days of Our Lives”. If you’ll watch this music video you will going to see how his appearance changed from a strong man to a painfully thin Mercury, you will really see the effect of his disease. By that time, he was denying and keeping his disease as a secret in public but his close friends already knew about it.

I am really glad and happy how Google pays tribute to him with this very creative Google Doodle which features an animated music video of him as a singer and his song in background. Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury, I love you! You and your songs will be forever loved.