Google Doodle Celebrates Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! Google Doodle has their own version of celebrating achievements of our workers all over the world. It’s a kind of non-working-holiday although some of them are still working on this day with double pay. If you’re a worker, enjoy the labor day!

Do You Have a Stalker?

Or Did you ever had a stalker? Wanna share your experience?

Stalkers are creepy and annoying, agree? However, sometimes they are useful or should I say exciting only if the guy or girl is attractive or if you like him/her. As what they say, “If he’s attractive he’s a secret admirer but if he’s not he’s a stalker!“. Haha! People nowadays are so judgy(sorry for the word). *coughs* 😀

Anyway, there are different types of stalkers(based from my opinion). They are the ones who:

1. Suffering from mental disorder – they are paranoid, they’re believing on something that isn’t true that’s why they try to stalk someone. According to top psychology schools, violent stalkers fall into this type of category.
2. Obsess by his/her lover or ex-lover – either he loves his/her lover so much or still in loves with his ex-lover that he wants to get all the news update about her love life.
3. Wants to know everything about his/her crush – we’ve all been here when we’re young
4. Revengeful – who tries to get some information against his/her enemy.
5. Wants to play games and loves to torture people – like A in Pretty Little Liars
6. Online Stalker – I think all of us have been through this also, right? haha!
7. Parental Stalking – parents who loves to stalk their children because they love them so much! 😀
8. Investigator – simply because it is their profession. They are hired to stalk someone.
9. “Investigators” – they are unprofessional investigators. They just want to investigate other people because they have this thought that their victim is actually a suspect of a crime or something.
10. I-am-ur-#-1-fan – expect to see them everytime/everywhere their victims are.

So, have you experienced any of these? OR
Do you also consider yourself as a stalker sometimes?
Which are you among the list above?