5 Credit Repair Myths


Most Americans understand the importance of having good credit. However, these same folks have become blind to the many falsities within the credit industry. And while catchy television commercials and witty agencies all claim to know everything about your credit score, it’s important that you personally know the difference between what’s fact and fiction. This infographic will help to debunk the myths and determine the real truths of credit repair.

Happy 14th Birthday Google!

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I admit Google has been a big help to my studies when I was in high school. As in, I cannot imagine life without Google. I mean how can I answer all the questions on my homework and assignments. How can I know all of their meanings and stuff? P.S. I don’t have a dictionary on hand but thanks to Google because I can search almost all of the words’ meanings in just 1 click.

I appreciate all the help, help more students in the future.

But for students, please don’t just depend on Google. You have to do your job too.

Image: google.com

Happy 14th Birthday Google! Live and Stay longer in this www.