Can't View Tumblr Blogs – SOLVED!

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This tutorial is supposed to be posted last last month; however, because I was too busy lazy I didn’t managed to publish it. So I am going to use my previous domain, – I do not own this domain anymore.

Have you experience this kind of problem? This is very rare that only few people have experienced it and that tumblr staff can’t fix it. Yes, I asked for their help and they tried to help me but they didn’t know how to solve it. I searched Google and found out that there are also other people who are experiencing this problem.

Actually, your ISP has something to do with it because if you’re gonna ask your friends they can easily view tumblr blogs while yours might look like this:

How to Fix it?

1. Simply go to your domain manager(where your domain registered)

2. Change @ Address/URL from one) to one). Yes, they already changed their IP address.

Note: This method can only fix your blogs. You can now view your tumblr blogs but you can’t still view any other tumblr blogs. Why? Because they need to change their @ address/URL too before you can see their blogs.

3. Wait for 5-10 minutes and then go to, type and search your domain URL and click ‘PING‘. You can also use other site that allows you to PING your websites.

4. And there you have it!

How can I view other tumblr blogs?

Ask them to change their @ Address/URL(#2 Instruction) OR you can use proxies(just make sure that you are using safe proxies).

To Tumblr Users(who are using custom domains)

If you want everyone to view your tumblr blogs, you have to change your @address/URL. You don’t have to backup and there will be no downtime/blank page.

I hope this solves your problem. God Bless. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Can't View Tumblr Blogs – SOLVED!

  1. Ganun lang pala yun sis. Buti nalang sa new IP address na nakapoint blog ko. Nagtaka din ako bakit naiba IP address kasi alam ko hindi yung 6 chuchu IP address hehe

  2. Wow. I never knew na may issue pala ang tumblr since haha.. I normally don't use tumblr anymore.. just post few updates through mobile paminsan minsan. Inalis ko na din kasi ang customized domain ko doon haha! 🙂

    Nice tutorial sis 🙂

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