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Have you heard about the website It a site where you can have an exposure of your blogs and yourselves as well.

Blorner.Com is a way for people to find you by your blog’s name or blog’s URL and at the same time find your blog by your name. It’s a kind of a blog directory so if you create an account there and put your blog then you will have it’s benefits in the search engine and you will also get a backlink for your blog.

You can add more than one blog in your profile/account. Add your blog information like blog category, description etc from “Edit Blogs” Section. You can also add information about yourself and can put your social media accounts so it will be easy for the people to contact you. You can also choose to display your email address or not.

Here’s a screenshot of my Blorner Profile:

There are thousands of bloggers who are currently registered in blorner so if you have a chance you can communicate with them via disqus comment section and make friends or link exchange/affiliates. Viewers of your blorner profile can be able to see your latest post because it has a feature of listing all your blog post through your blog feed. How good is that? Go create your blorner accounts now! 🙂

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