BlogGirl.Us is now PR4!

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First of all, I want to thank God for this wonderful opportunity. I have never expected this to happen but he still rewarded me for my hard work. Did I say hard work? Haha! Just kidding. 😛

And of course, I want to thank Mr. Google for the award itself. They just gave me another reason to continue blogging and to exert more. It is really true, that when you exerted effort and you did your best and if it’s really meant to be it will happen. Just like this, I did everything that I can and look what I’ve got. So if you are aiming for what I have received, just do your best, do not lose hope and don’t you ever forget God. He’s my secret. 😉

Raise your hand if you want me to create a tutorial or tips or advice post of what were the things and who were the people who helped me to get this rank. I’m gonna do it only if a lot of you will respond. 🙂

Lastly, I want to thank you. Yes you! Thank you for visiting my blog, thank you for reading this post and thanks in advance if you’re gonna drop a comment. 😀

P.S. I just want to say “HI and THANK YOU” to this person who posted a message on my CBOX 2 weeks ago. I’m sorry for the late response but I really appreciate your admiration? Haha I’m not sure if you are really serious about that or you are just fooling me. Please, let me know who you are or at least drop a comment here. Let’s see if you are really subscribing at my posts. 😀

12 thoughts on “BlogGirl.Us is now PR4!

  1. NIce one talaga sis! Ako hanggang 3 pa lang nararating ko. Andyan lang si God di tayo iiwan nyan. Always have faith. wee wubyu sissy!
    Lab kita sobra ikaw nagbibigay ng opps sakin! Kaya dapat lang sayo yang PR4 na yan or mas higher pa! <3

  2. aww. congrats sis. you deserve it. your blog is so informative. <3
    un ang paraan ni God para iaparamdam sau na you've been really generous so he's being generous to you as well. yay!

    Thank you for everything sis. <3

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