Best Soap for Sensitive Skin?

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Do you have sensitive skin? Well, I do! I’m having a hard time choosing the right soap for me. I tried a lot of them, different brands but still no use. It only gives me allergies! I guess that’s how my skin reacts if it didn’t like the soaps I used. So if you have sensitive skin like mine, what’s your soap? Any suggestions? Like brand or name of the soap? Any tips? I feel like crying right now! I, my body, my skin feel so irritated! Grr! 🙁

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5 thoughts on “Best Soap for Sensitive Skin?

  1. try cream lotion? Like ponds? yun kc gamit ko sa soap di naman ako allergic hehe. bara bara nga gamit ko ngaun sa face ko, kung anong mahawakan kong soap un na panghilamos ko.
    right after that naglalagay ako ng ponds whitening cream, saka ako magapply ng makeup pag umaalis ako. well giangawa ko to noong dalaga pa, ngaun hindi na. so far smooth prin ang pes ko lol. ang dry lang sakin eh ang binti :))

  2. You can try Cetaphil. I remember when my sister got skin allergy, yan yung nirecommend ng dermatologist sa kanya and it's effective. Super mild soap kasi and for sensitive skins talaga, but I recommend you to visit a dermatologist yourself kasi iba-iba ang skin natin.

  3. My boyfriend and I use ACNE_AID. His acne started when he was still in high school as he has uber-oily skin, this was recommended by his dermatologist and it works wonder on his face. The technique is to massage your face directly with the soap for about 5 minutes or so. 

  4. Why not try emu oil sis?:D Hehe, i don't have a sensitive skin but I don't like using too much beauty stuff either, i think everything worsens when I do. But i have used ponds and it seems okay 😀 I just really get pimples when I super sleep late.

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