Basic Tips to Prevent Fire

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Fire is one of the 5 elements and yet it is also one of the dangerous things that will and can destroy our environment. It is considered as the 3rd most common causes of death as it took thousands of lives every year. For some, fire is inevitable but of course every accident can be prevented with right precautions and full awareness.

fire prevention

There are a lot of ways to prevent fire from your homes:

  1. Appliances – Make sure they are unplugged if you don’t need them and if you currently experience power outage.
  2. Candles – Make sure to turn the candles off after you use it, this can spread to a curtain, cloth or a paper that will result to a fire.
  3. Electric Circuits – These are one of the dangerous things inside our home, always make sure that you protect your children away from these.

Heat causes Fire so always keep in mind to double check everything that releases heat inside your house. You can also buy a fire alarm or smoke alarm in each rooms of your house, this is one way to prevent it to spread and to notify the members of the family about it, if in case there’s already a fire.

If ever you experienced small fires in your house, immediately look for Fire Extinguishers and use it to control the fire and to prevent damage to your properties. There are different types of them and you can get them all here.

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