Bakken Drilling

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I was really surprised when I heard the news about Bakken Drilling. To those who don’t know yet, Bakken is a rock unit in found on Montana, North Dakota, and Saskatchewan. The first thing that I thought of was earthquakes.

During these past months, we have been experiencing earthquakes all over the world. And if they would start drilling a rock unit on the subsurface of the earth occupying nearly 200,000 square miles, how would it all affect us? So I decided to search about it. I wanted to know they would do such thing or worse, if it could affect us all?
I then found out that when Bakken is thermally mature, meaning it is put to great heat, it becomes one of the places on earth providing a huge amount of oil reserves. It is mainly one of the reasons why it has been a hot topic for drilling. I believe oil was first found to be in those rocks in 1951.

So it got me into thinking, if indeed oil is found in Bakken, is it enough reason to drill it? Wouldn’t it be a great risk for all of us, knowing that are our planet has been very unstable these days? That the plates can cause a riot even when it is only slightly moved?
But then again, I know that Bakken is not the only place where there is drilling. And I trust that the government of North Carolina and other places would not allow these things if they know it would not cause goodness to us. So I rest my case, and I just hope they would find huge amounts to oil so the risk would be worth it.

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