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Do you sometimes have trouble using your backup camera? Is it taking you some time to get used to it? If so, there are some important things that you should know to make it easier to use. You can check out sites like or talk to other people who own them to learn more, but you should start with these tips:

1. The colored lines indicate how close you are.
There are going to be lines that are a few different colors; traditionally, they are red, yellow and green. They tell you how close you are to the things behind you, seeing as how it can be hard to judge this from the picture alone. As you would expect, the red means that you are very close, and the green means that you still have a long way to go.

2. If you system beeps, stop right away.
The system is set up to beep to indicate that you are very close to something, to the point that you have almost run into it. If you hear this, stop right away. Even if the picture makes it look like you have plenty of room left, you have to stop. It will beep at you a few times, so it is hard to confuse this with anything else.

3. Turn down the radio when using the backup camera.
A related issue to consider is that many people run into things and then claim that the camera never beeped at all, when the reality is that it did beep, but they just did not hear it because they had the radio up so loud. You are much better off to turn it down – or even hit the mute button for a moment – when backing up. This way, all of the warning systems for the camera are actually going to be effective and helpful.

4. Practice often.
A backup camera can be a bit hard to get used to if you have never used one before. Practice with yours in safe, normal situations so that you are good with it. While practicing, do not be afraid to look away from it and do a standard eye check to make sure that you are backing up properly. The more that you use it, the more you will grow used to it, and this is going to help you avoid any mistakes.

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