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Goodbye 2010 and Say Hello to 2011!

What can I say? 2010 did something good to me. Okay, let’s put it on a list.

  • Job.
  • Boyfriend.
  • New Cellphone.
  • I won an iPad Gadget on Namecheap’s Trivia Contest
  • More friends.
  • Good Health.
  • Problems that made me stronger than before.
  • God’s undying love.

And now, I’m looking forward to this year. I don’t care if my birth sign, zodiac sign or year sign is lucky or not as long as I know that God is always there protecting me from bad luck, danger, harm and evil then it will be fine.

By the way, as you can see I already have my new blog! This will be my primary blog containing personal posts, tutorials that I know, some goodies and information that will surely help you especially bloggers like me. So what can you say about my new blog/domain? Forget about my theme, I was about to make one with the chibi graphic that Sis Nads made but I got lazy since this “guy” keep on making my day and my mood so bad.

Anyway, I don’t want to end this post with a broken smile so Happy New Year Everyone! God Bless Us All. Live your life to the fullest. Be Happy and enjoy our life! Love you all.

P.S. If you want to add me on your links then please put “BlogGirl” as my name. Thanks a lot! ^_^

18 thoughts on “A BlogGirl's Blog

  1. Just wait for the moment when your inspiration to create a wonderful theme visits you! Hehe, Happy New Year to you sis! Didn't expect maging close ao sau, really! So lucky I met you too, and congratulations for all the blessings! I know you deserve them all, for being a good daughter and a friend! So much!!! <3 Love ya sis! Don't mind na the guy! Hahah <3 MWah!

  2. sistaaaaaar. :))) yehey sa blog. Im so happy. welcome back. imma link you.
    omg omg. 🙂 I know, you are more blessed than you ever know. you have me as a friend eh. haha. joke lang. :)) It's the other way around. 🙂

  3. aba aba look who's back to blogging. hahaha.

    di pa rin talaga ako maka get over sa ipad thingy na yan hahaha sana ako diiin 😛

    will link you later sis. or baka bukas na ha hehe

  4. I think its my first time to be here.. nice blog though :))) 

    seems like youve got what you want last 2010.. mine has been a bad year.. LOL 

    I totally agree when you said that lucky or not, God is always there protecting you (us?)

    may you have a blessed 2011

  5. WOOHOO! Finally nag blog ka na ulit sis! Super awesome nga ang 2010 mo! 😀 More blessings to come sana sa atin! 😀

    Happy New Year! Happy 2011! 😀

    ill add ur link to my blog ah 😀

  6. ehem ehem. sis! :)))
    told you, maraming reasons to love life. ♥ don't ever give up, kay?
    weee. 🙂 ako nga rin makapagblog na ulit. ♥

    take care sis <33

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