5 Secrets of Slot Machines

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Throughout the history of slot machines, there have been many myths and rumours regarding better payout chances and tricks to winning more consistently. It is important for slot players to realize that there are ways to increase your odds of winning but many things you may have heard could not be further from the truth.

Common Sense Will Always Beat Far Fetched Tricks

You may have heard that using the arm of a slot machine will yield better payouts. Other popularly known tricks include using warmer coins, spotting looser slot machines and counting the number of symbols on the machine to determine the odds. All of these are common misconceptions and will not help increase the likeliness of winning a slot machine jackpot.

There are however, a number of ways to increase your chances of winning that have been tried and tested by slot machine enthusiasts all around the world. These tips are not magic tricks or ways of cheating, but common sense methods of playing slot machines more intelligently to increase your chances of winning big. There are 5 precise ways you can achieve this, but remember that slot machines will always remain to be a game of pure chance.

Using The Random Number Generator To Your Benefit

A slot machine determines if your spin was a winner immediately after you push the spin button or pull the arm reel. A slot machine does this by generating a sequence of random numbers that are then interpreted as winning or losing combinations. The amount of these winnings directly depends on the numbers generated and although it is random, timing does play a major role in determining a winning or losing spin.

This means that changing the rhythmic pattern of your spins can actually increase or decrease your chances of winning. If you are maintaining a steady rhythm of spins and not getting good results, try longer or shorter pauses between your spins to move things further towards your favour.

How Payout Percentages Determine Your Chances of Winning

Each machine has a payout percentage that it must meet. This means that a specific percent of the machines intake must be paid out. With that said, the machine can do this over a course of days, weeks or even a month at a time.

A machine that hasn’t hit big in a while doesn’t necessarily mean it is about to jackpot. Your winning chances depend on how frequently players have profited from the machine on small winnings as well as the last time it has paid out big.

Observing The Way Casinos Arrange Their Machines

Most casinos cannot increase or decrease payout chances on a machine whenever they decide to do so. Countries such as Australia and many others strictly regulate payout percentages and they typically stay the same on particular machines.

In an effort to mix things up however, casinos will routinely
rearrange their machines to make keeping track of higher payout slots more difficult for casino patrons. If you are a regular visitor of certain casinos, keeping tabs on when and where they move machines can give you an edge on winning more consistently.

Casino Traffic Can Effect Payout Percentages

Since payout percentages are based on how much money a machine has taken in, playing during or after peak business times can result in increased chances of winning. This means that hitting the casino immediately after a busy play period can increase your chances of receiving a high payout.

There is no guarantee when playing any game of chance, but if you develop a method of consistently practising these common sense tactics, you will be well on your way to winning big on slot machines at the casino.
Slot machines can give users many hours of thrilling entertainment. If you love to play slots but don’t want to risk losing your money, there are many freeslots gaming sites with hundreds of slot machines available to keep you entertained.

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