5 Most Popular Ways to Make Money From your Blog

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Many templates and domains are available to use for a blog. You can use a free option that is available from Blogger and WordPress or choose to buy your own hosting. Blogs provide a reader with thoughts and opinions about a wide range of topics. If you have a blog that is seeing an increase in readers, then you may want to consider ways that you can make money.

Google Adsense

This is the best way for a blog to offer advertisements and make money from visitors. The goal will be to use space on your blog to display ads. You will need to register for an account with Google Adsense and then copy their ad code onto your blog. The placement of the code depends on where you want the ads to appear on the page. The most common placement for ads is along the top or the side of the page based on the size of ads that you want to display.

Affiliate Links

There are advertisements that work much like the ads form Google Adsense. The links display like ads that appear on your blog. The goal is to have visitors click on the links and buy the product in the ad at the advertised store. The most popular choice for affiliate links is to use Amazon Associates. Links can be added to your blog that advertise a specific product or rotate products. When a visitor purchases the product in the ad you will make a percentage of the sale. The use of affiliate links is a good option if a blog has high traffic.

Content Download

Add a PayPal shopping cart to your site if you have eBooks or other content that you can sell. You need to have useful information of a collection of blog entries that have been published into an eBook or into a downloadable document. Prices can range from $1 up to $5 depending on the value of information to the reader. A good ideas is to start out at a small amount and increase the price as you add newer eBooks that have updated information.

Subscription Service

Blogs that provide specific to a particular topic can choose to implement a subscription service. This is a great way to offer additional benefits to readers of your blog. The main blog can provide readers with basic posts about relevant topics. A subscription service can be used to offer email newsletters that may be sent once a week, information that can be downloaded, or access to a discussion forum. The options for a subscription service are up to you.

Take Donations

Blogs that are not out to make a great deal of money can ask for donations. The best way to do this will be to add a PayPal button that can be used to leave a donation. Asking for donations is a way to make a small amount of money if you do not want to display ads on your page. Clicking on the button will take readers to a PayPal page where they can choose the amount to donate.

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