5 Crazy Things People Collect

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Owning and building a collection can be really fun. It’s a thrill to seek out items to add to your collection, especially if it’s something rare and unique that you’re looking for. But there are some special hoarders out there that collect wacky and crazy things. Here’s a few of them:

5 Crazy Things People Collect


If you think about, this is a really easy thing to collect. It’s weird but it kind of makes senses if you’re into collecting. If you consider all the pairs of shoes you’ve owned over the years with laces, I’d imagine there would be a fair few. There’s your collection started! And because shoelaces aren’t very big, they are easy to store in places around the house, or you could go the extra mile and have a shoelace display in your home.


Toys sound like a very normal thing to collect, but they can actually make for a really creepy collection. They take up a fair bit of space and when you have a lot of them, it kind of looks like a little plush and plastic society that’s taken control of the house. Toys can also be quite a costly thing to collect. If you’re into this kind of thing, you should be purchasing second hand toys from an op shop. This will help you save money and build that collection up fast!


This is not so much a crazy one, but more of a practical option. For anyone that has done a lot of traveling, magnets are an easy and cheap souvenir to bring home. If you have a magnet collection, it’s pretty much a necessity to you have some custom design magnets to boast about. These are super great to collect because no one else will have anything quite like it.

Banana Peels

We don’t recommend starting this one at home. It’s not very clean or hygienic, but there are some crazy fruit fans out there that collect their banana peels and display them around the house. The peels go brown and hard and morph in to odd shapes. The displays look very interesting.

Bottle Caps

Again a very easy thing to start collecting, but bottle caps are a bit of a nuisance to collect. They’re difficult to stack and because they are round, they roll everywhere. There are plenty of cool things you can do with a bottle cap collection though. Have a bit of a brainstorm of ways you can display them around the house so they don’t get in the way. You could use them to make a giant figurine of your favourite TV character, or make frames for your photos!

There are plenty of weird and wacky things that people collect. Collections tend to give people a sense of purpose and direction. It doesn’t make a lot of scene, but if having a collection is something you’re into, we say go for it! Be careful not to become the feature on a hoarders show though. We don’t want your family and friends having to intervene.

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