2-year-old girl ran over by cars in China

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I saw this news last night and was shocked by what happened. If you ahven’t saw the video, you may watch it here or on it’s youtube page.

As we can see in this video, a 2-year-old girl was ran over by 2 consecutive cars on the street and 18 passersby just looked at her and did nothing. They didn’t even asked for help, what kind of people are they? Selfish people? Inhumane?!? How about the drivers or the people inside those vans, what did they felt? Are they just numb? I was ashamed of God because of these people. I swear if I was the mother of this kid I will make sure that the persons who are responsible for this should DIE! Even if it’s a sin to kill. Even if I’m not the mother of the child, I can feel the pain so please Lord, heal those wounds and extend your healing hands to the kid.

2 thoughts on “2-year-old girl ran over by cars in China

  1. That is what makes us different from other nationalities we still have bayanihan and the like. Imagine for sure if that happen here in the Philippines one thing is for sure. The driver will experience the wrath of our kababayans.

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