It is quite a common occurrence to feel a bit down during certain seasons. This is, in fact, known as seasonal depression. It is thought that this type depression is, at least in part, due to the minimal exposure to the sun during these seasons. For example, the winter season tends to be terribly cloudy and the days short. Thankfully, this lack of exposure to the sun can be treated through light therapy.


To be technical, the actual term for this form of depression is called Seasonal Affective Disorder. Quite ironically, this comes out to create the term SAD. The number one recommendation for treating this disorder is through light therapy. In fact, light therapy can help with SAD and some sleep disorders.

Box Light Therapy

Relatively cheap, there are box lights that give off rays similar to the suns. These lights are used for SAD therapy. Anyone can learn about SAD lights by contacting their healthcare provider, but they can also simply purchase one of their own. They are often compact little devices that can be placed nearly anywhere in the home (e.g. the office desk, kitchen counters, or living room end-tables). However, large SAD box lights can be used to lighten up entire rooms.

Getting one of these SAD therapy lights will not only brighten up the house, but it will also brighten up everyone’s day. Seasonal Affective Disorder can really turn some amazing holidays into a sour event, but the SAD lights will ensure that every family member will be able to enjoy their time together.


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A dictation and transcription server and other types of typing solutions are bound to make your life much easier. Not only will you be able to work from wherever you want, but your turnaround time will also improve. Read on for more benefits.

1. The time that people spend typing can become a huge time waster, especially for slow typists. That time can be freed up for more valuable work thanks to dictation tools.

2. Typing no longer needs to be a main skill to look for when hiring new employees. Other, more important features can be focused on, like problem solving, presentation skills, and customer service.

3. Dictation solutions can be used for everything from keeping track of a grocery list to getting a full speech down on paper.

4. Some digital tools allow for editing so that you can go back and update the files via dictation.

5. Unlimited storage means that you can dictate on-the-go, while you’re traveling, or during especially hard work weeks without every having to move those files over.

So long as you’re able to access a computer or smart device that’s connected to the Internet, you’ll be able to use dictation and transcription solutions anywhere.

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