5 Orlando Places to Take Your Kids before They Enter Elementary School

Babies turn into toddlers and then into school aged kids in the blink of an eye. Parents who already have school aged kids know that playdates and weekday adventures seemingly disappear thanks to extracurricular activities, homework and strict attendance policies that come with elementary school. This has many parents trying to fit in as many adventures as possible during the first five years of their child’s life. While Orlando is known for the world’s best theme parks it can be overwhelming to try to find places that accommodate toddler aged children.
If you are hoping to explore the best that Orlando has to offer for preschool aged kids, check out our list of the five places to take them before they enter elementary school.

Green Meadows Petting Farm

There is nothing better than seeing your child in awe when they encounter new animals and experience nature for the first time. Green Meadows Petting Farm is not only a fun experience for your toddler, but also an educational one. Green Meadows allows children to pet and feed animals such as pigs, cows and chickens. What sets them apart from a standard petting zoo is that fact that children can ride ponies and even milk a cow. Bring a picnic lunch and ride the train or hayride to wrap up the perfect adventure with your little one.


Sticking with the kid favorite animal theme, we put SeaWorld next on our list. The dolphin and whale shows are sure to wow your child. SeaWorld makes it even more exciting with their Toddler Tuesday program. Here they teach the toddlers all about the animals in the aquarium – allowing them to have a guided tour, meet animals and even feed stingrays! SeaWorld keeps it toddler friendly by adding story time and songs to sing along to during the program. What’s even better is that ages two and under are free!


If your child loves science, then make sure the Orlando Science Center is on your short list. While this science center offers something for every age, their Toddler Town zone in KidsTown is the ideal stop for your little one. The toddler town area features age appropriate activities to help spark curiosity by making learning fun with items such as multi-level water tables. This is another budget friendly stop, with no fee for children two and under.


Nothing brings a child’s imagination out more than Legos, which is why Legoland is the ultimate toddler destination. Not only can they play with Legos for hours – you don’t have to worry about a family room full of blocks at the end of the day. Legoland is an all in one stop, letting kids release some of their energy at their play area where your kid can run, crawl and slide. Make sure you also check out the ridable DUPLO train and tractor before you leave.

Magic Kingdom

If you can’t leave Orlando without visiting a Disney theme park, Magic Kingdom is arguably the best for younger children. Since preschool aged kids are typically not tall enough to ride most rides, Magic Kingdom makes sure this isn’t the case offering at least 9 rides that the smaller ones to enjoy. In addition to rides are the wonderful shows and characters throughout the park that are sure to keep a smile on your toddler’s face. Check out Toontown playground and Tom Sawyer Island while you are there, just make sure you bring a stroller to help maneuver around the park.

In a blink of an eye your little one won’t be so little anymore. Look for Orlando vacation packages that accommodate your family while you spend energy making those memories. While the beautiful city of Orlando is home to too many wonderful destinations to list, these five are the places you don’t want to miss visiting with your kid before they start elementary school.

Best Ways To Monitor Oily Skin

Keeping people’s skin moisturized is one of the main goals of the skin care industry.  Most people’s skin tends toward dryness and can easily become rough or flaky in cold or dry weather.  Thus, for most of us, moisturizers are the most important skin care product.  It is easy to find a variety of them, from cheap rug store brands to organic shea butter.  Hyaluronic acid products have a moisturizer strong enough to provide noticeable anti-aging effects.  But, what do you do if your skin tends toward oiliness?

There Is No Universal Solution When It Comes to Skin Care

There is not one skin care product that works for everyone.  Some skin care products work great on most people, but leave some of us feeling like our skin has gotten even oilier.  If you have oily skin, you still need vitamins and compounds that promote the synthesis of collagen.  You do not, however, need the strongest moisturizers around.

Not All Vitamins Are Alike

Almost everyone agrees that vitamins are great.  In your diet, it is very difficult to eat too many vitamins; you would have to take very high doses to notice any negative effect.  In skin care products, vitamins have a similar effect.  They are great when you need them and still harmless when you don’t.

One exception is vitamin E.  Some people benefit greatly from skin serums that contain vitamin E.  If you have naturally oily skin, however, you should not use skin care products that contain vitamin E.  It can make your skin even oilier.  Since vitamin E is a common ingredient in skin care products, read the labels carefully.

If you have oily skin, you can still use your favorite vitamin C skin care products.  Just make sure that they do not contain vitamin E or very heavy moisturizers.